The project envisages the development of a special incentive system for potential investors, incl. introducing a separate Labour Force Development Programme for The Park, as part of the overal Municipal Labour Force Development Programme.

The Aitos Municipality is fully committed to the project implementation, ready to offer full administrative assistance and business support to potential investors.

The Labour Force Development Programme aims to create a knowledge worker development infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of IT&related employers. The objectives are to:

  • Create valued positions in the IT industry in The Park
  • Create IT education awareness throughout the Burgas region
  • Support capacity development of the industry in the area of human resource practices
  • Support the education sector to carry out and promote articulation of IT program offerings among the secondary school system, University of Burgas and private training Institutions
  • Invest in locally selected IT infrastructure, programs, and capacity in the education system.

 The strategies are to:

  • Produce adequately trained and highly skilled workers
  • Provide high quality education and training programs
  • Strengthen human resource planning and management capabilities of IT employers
  • Support the development, retention and recruitment of knowledge workers.
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