Leading Marketplace For Machining, Fabrication, Molding and Other U.S. Manufacturing Services. MFGpartners.net is the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN) designed to help those sourcing machined parts, machining, fabricating, molding and other custom manufacturing services find a suitable US-based machine shop or specialty job shop that can meet their needs. As a buyer of such services, the site will help you source more efficiently. AMSN helps you quickly locate a qualified vendor in the United States fully capable of meeting your specific custom manufacturing requirements.

Is There Any Charge To Submit An RFQ?

No. MFGpartners.net is 100% free for sourcing any kind of custom metal or plastic machined parts, metal fabrication, CNC machining, molding, prototyping or any other custom manufacturing service. As a buyer, you can submit an RFQ free-of-charge to our national network of machine shops approved by AMSN at RFQ Submission Form.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Submitting an RFQ Through MFGpartners.net?

You save time and money by instantly submitting your RFQ to multiple machine shops at once either locally, regionally or all over the United States. All shops that receive your RFQ are approved by the American Machine Shops Network so you can be confident of the quality.

What Makes MFGpartners.net Different Than Similar Marketplaces?

MFGpartners.net is the only US-focused machine/job shop network specializing in offering custom parts and components as well as a full range of contract manufacturing services. We are the largest custom manufacturing marketplace online today committed to keeping work in the USA.

How Do I Register As a Buyer?

You don’t. As a buyer, there is no sign up or registration process required. Our service makes it easy and efficient for you to get quotes. You simply submit an RFQ just as you would to any vendor but with much better results.

How Many Shops Will Receive My RFQ?

Our experience has shown it takes an average of 5 quotes on a job for a buyer to select a suitable vendor. Although hundreds of US-based machine/job shops registered in our network will have the opportunity to bid on your job, our system is setup so each job results in about 5 bids which has been proven to be the most sufficient. You can request more quotes at anytime if needed.

How Long On Average Does It Take To Obtain a Quote?

In many cases quotes can be obtained in a matter of hours. Other times it could take anywhere from 1 to 2 business days.

Can I Submit An RFQ Directly To Shops I Personally Select?

Yes. Simply explore featured suppliers and select which ones can best meet your needs. Alternately, you can browse shops listed in specific states, or use our site-wide search engine here on MFGpartners.net to find suppliers by keyword such as the type of product, service, company name, location, etc. The search box is displayed in the right upper hand corner of every page on this website.

Who Are The People Behind MFGpartners.net?

MFGpartners.net is owned and operated by the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG), an international quality system management (IQSM) company, and publisher of over 192 industrial directories for the manufacturing community. Founded in 2003, ILG continues to grow and is now one of the premium resources online connecting buyers with quality-approved manufacturers and industrial suppliers worldwide.

What If I Have Additional Questions?

You can send us an email using our online Contact Form or call us at +1 - 508-987-1947 (7am to 5pm EST) and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.



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