Port of Bourgas is a prominent and experienced Bulgarian Port Operator.

The main steady task of the Port Management is to provide high quality port services at all levels of the cargo flow. We consider the constant keeping of extremely close liaison with the clients shall guarantee an adequate response to their needs. This very approach is a distinguishing feature of the Port. That is precisely what our customers always expect of us and could rely upon.

The available equipment and technology allow all kind of bulk and general cargoes, trailers and containers to be handled, as well as several liquids and liquid chemicals through the dedicated facility.

Cargo handling services cover a broad spectrum of operations, mainly loading and unloading of vessels and land transport vehicles. The port operates multi purpose quays and specialized terminals.

We provide also numerous additional and secondary services, as cargo securing and unsecuring, weighing, separation, plugging in, opening and closing of ship’s cargo hatches, palletizing and de-palletizing, striping and stuffing, sweeping, washing, covering, antifreeze medium, etc.

Port of Bourgas has huge storage areas for accommodating of different kind of cargoes, prviding also a high level of security.

Other services are briefly listed below:
- rental of cargo handling and transport equipment, vehicles, devices;
- rental of business offices, etc;
- supplying of vessels with fresh water, electricity, phone connection;
- passenger servicing;
- garbage and oily waste removal, bilge waters treatment and disposal, etc;
- drawing and consultancy at the port and marine-related field;
- paper work.


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